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sheriHOPE is an unconventional abstract acrylic and mixed-media artist living and creating in Austin, Texas. Her unique style is derived from her belief that randomness, in nature and in art, cannot be recreated and that the most interesting art tends to be the remnants of paint left behind on her paint pallet or work surface.

Creating striking and dimensional artwork with ample textured layers, sheriHOPE also has a propensity to paint with screws, screwdrivers, and most any other object. Her passion is creating beauty within chaos while throwing paint straight out of the bottle or tube.

Originally, from Louisville, Kentucky, sheriHOPE is a self-taught artist and a graphic/web designer, and proprietor of The sheriHOPE Mobile Art Experience. She has performed at solo exhibits in The Woodlands, Texas and participated in art markets, including White Linen Night in the Heights.

The premise of HOPE, and The Other Side of HOPE, is ever-present in her relatable and dramatic paintings. Getting lost in the moment of creation allows her to process the sometimes chaotic emotions within her soul. The rawness of her work offers emotional relatability and depth.

"My intention is to share my raw human experience with others who may be able to relate on any or all levels." ~sheriHOPE